Wednesday, April 29, 2015

India's Daughter: a necesaary slap to our face

Its after almost 6-7 years that I am writing something in this blog. Its because of the recent noise about the documentary 'India's daughter' that I feel something to share with others. This documentary is no doubt not helping India's image to the outer world, but it for sure cannot be banned for that reason. It is our own ugly face that we want to hide from others and this is not going to help us improving the situation. I have seen that movie and it was indeed a great documentation of the 'Mind' of our society. Yes. This is what I feel. It portrays not the event, not the rapist, not the protest. It depicts our social mind. I felt shame each time I saw the movie and I also feel that this feeling of shame is necessary for our society. Its a slap to us. It had nothing but the very bitter reality, the harsh truth of our Indian society and we cannot ignore the truth.

Its also true that rape-statistics is a joke in India because more than 50% women do not even go to report it. Its a sense of shame that is associated with this event in Indian society that refrain girls/women to report about their abuse. During a recent interview, Barkha Dutt was asked by the interviewer that why there was an outcry from everywhere for that brutal incident. Barkha Dutt replied it was because of people wanted a change. But that was not the only reason for sure. There are several other reasons that Barkha wanted to hide. The first reason is the sense of insecurity for girls. I cannot explain what I felt when I heard the news for the first time. The first thing that came into my mind is that if this can happen in  a public transport on a busy road, it can happen to my close ones !!! ANYDAY, ANYTIME !!! Yes. It can. It was the kind of shock, a sense of shivering fear that disturbed me. It was not a deserted night, it was indeed an evening, a busy Delhi road. Delhi, the capital of India with officially highest security for its residents. If this happens in a busy Delhi road almost publicly, it can happen anywhere !!! I am sure this is the kind of fear that brought everyone down the road to protest. Unless and until we realize our mistake we cant change anything. Banning some video will not help. Violence towards women is not a new thing in our society. Its in our history. We must not forget what happened to Draupadi who was forced to marry five men. There are many other incidents of gender discrimination which are not going to change if we dont want to see our face in a mirror.


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